Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bee Blocks

I've been having a hard time lately.  98% of the hard time has been related to the foster children in my home. Some bad, some good, and mostly related to having to say good bye to my little baby Cee.  Giving her all my love and attention while she was with me.  All knowing this day would come.

Such a back log of blocks so here's a quick look at the blocks I've made this  last part of the year for flickr bees.  I have not decided if I will continue bees this year as I'm spending less time sewing while I move to other forms of artistic expression.

Houses, wonky versus paper pieced.

Ima bee august block

September Ima Bee X+ 12.5" blocks for Juneauwendy1


#simplysolids feather blocks. A little late, due to sent fabric shortage. The different lots don't look too different.

#simplysolids October block

Ima bee October blocks

simply solids November cochineal

ima bee november small star

ima bee november rolling spiral


  1. Beautiful blocks, and foster parenting seems both joyful and sad, hang in there.

    1. More happy than sad. The sad is abrupt and quick after so much happiness. I'm doing much better. My heart is bigger because I loved her.


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