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Sunday, August 17, 2014

More Pictures from Summer Art Camp!

In the last three weeks with 8 different classes, warm ups and instructions, I have so many pieces of work floating around.  Here's a brief rundown of my favorites.  I love continuing to stretch myself artistically.  I'm surprised at how much I've grown in the last year.

Landscape postcard.  So relaxing.  Completely understand how people do this out in the wild, plein air watercolor.  

Day 3 of summer water color.  Post cards, watercolor postcards.  Great travel painting, plein air project. #watercolor #2014SonheimSummerArtCamp

Funky Chickens.  The little rooster was made by Cor.  Great fun to do by myself or with my children.


Wee Lil Lamb.  Looking at value and shadow.  How can I not love this?

Wee Lil Lamb.  Finished and claimed.  #2014SonheimSummerArtCamp

Hold my Hand, surface design painting.  So relaxing and easily dramatic.  I could keep painting like this forever.

Hold my hand

Mermaid Collage Blocks.  Pure fun.  My girls are interested in doing some block collage, too.

Mermaid collage blocks.

The original class was focused on Collaborative Collage, working with friends to finish off different pieces.  Like a girls' night in.  Then everyone gets to bring shared art home.  Any one interested in joining me?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Holly and Diego, just a start

If you happen to watch my instagram stream you might have seen some things. Met Holly, the little cow, I picked up to model for me.

One of the classed in the #2014SonheimSummerCamp, Cows and canaries - story painting with Niya Christine was so much fun and informative. My girls are already expecting more. Go ahead, read and tell me what you think.

Holly and Diego, a love story.

Diego was always interested in big boned ladies. He was known to flirt up Fancy the flamingo. Compliment Camille the cockatiel. Ogle Ophelia the ostrich. But the day Holly the Holstein walked under his perch was the day that everything changed. Holly was different.


Holly had dreams of her own. Not the regular dreams about greener pastures. She dreamed about seeing the world on the other side of that fence.

Her sister cows never took her seriously. "On the other side of the fence is just more fence," they'd say. Holly knew different.

Holly went to her favorite place, where the fence ran close to the edge on the forest. "If only I could fly," Holly lamented.


Diego swooped down excitedly, "I could teach you, my dear." Holly looked at the little bird in disbelief as he introduced himself. "I am Diego," he said with a bow, "and flying ... I can teach."

Before Holly could give any thought to this confident avian, she heard the night call to return to the barn. Only upon promises to come the next day for flying lessons did Diego let her go.

Diego thought of how soon Holly would fall in love with him. They'd find a tree of they own...